Deepika Padukone is the richest actress in Bollywood

No Bollywood actress discloses their tax returns. It is extremely difficult to know how much an actress earns and how much they are worth.

No Bollywood actress has got any place of Forbes world rank. In Forbes India’s celebrity list Deepika Padukone ranks 4 in the overall list for her earning last year. Deepika earned 112 crores rupees in 2018 which is double than she made in the previous year.

No other actress is closed to her earning in 2018. Alia Bhatt ranks 2 with a huge difference. She earned 58 crores last year according to Forbes India.

But she has got competitors when comes to the matter of net worth. According to different sources, Deepika Padukone is worth 60 million USD.

She is closely followed by Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor. The 58 million USD and 55 million USD respectively. Katrina and Kareena did not earn well last year but they did well before.

There is news that Kangana Ranaut has signed J Jayalalithaa biopic for Rs 24 crores. Anyway, she is not on the list of the richest actresses yet.

Deepika is not that rich compared to really rich people. Actresses are highlighted too much. There are many billionaires in India whom we don’t hear much about.

The expenditure Isha Ambani’s wedding exceeds 100 million USD. Just a wedding cost double of Deepika or Katrina’s lifetime income.

Their wealth is much less than their male colleagues. All three Khans have wealth worth more than 250 million USD.

Hollywood actress like Scarlett Johansson gets 42 million USD per film which is 40 times than A-grade Bollywood actress. Male actors are paid five times more than actresses. Mia Wasikowska and Paget Brewster have fortune five times more than Deepika. Jessica Alba is a billionaire. 

Bollywood actresses are not very rich in the real world. Katrina or Deepika can buy a house in Mumbai by their lifetime savings.

Bollywood actresses are very glamorous but not that rich. Their career span is shorter than male actors. Aged Khans are still playing heroes but female actors cannot.