Stars are stuck in golden cages

Showbusiness is a glamourized career path but completely nightmare.

Celebrities seem to have a lavish lifestyle but in reality, they live in chronic pain. Living in the glare of the spotlight is horrible.

The job in the show business is not how it looks like. It is nothing but a complete nightmare.

Any job has its downside, but it is nothing compared to show business jobs.

This job will give you name and fame, abundant of money and glamour. Unfortunately, you will get those in exchange for your life.

One side of the job shines and the other side is dark. You see only the surface of people who work in showbiz; you never see their painful insides.

The celebrities are glamorous and miserable at the same time. The high rate of suicides and drug addiction among the stars is attributed to their pains.

If I were given a choice to choose between ordinary life and celebrity life, I would prefer my regular life instead of glamour.

As an ordinary person, I have a life, but a celebrity does not have one. I can live my own life but a celebrity cannot.

I live my life the way I want to. A celebrity lives the life the way other people want them to. My life happier than a famous star.

The list of celebrities who took their own lives is long. I don’t want to be one of them. I don’t want to have a lot of money and name and fame if I don’t get a smooth and comfortable life.

I can laugh when I am happy or amused. I can cry when I sad. Nobody tells me how I have to laugh or how I have to mourn. I am no under surveillance; no camera is pointing on me.

You cannot get any peace in mind if you always have to worry about what dress you wear, how you walk, how you smile.

Life has its flow, the same way a river has its. If you stop the flow of a river its water become polluted. When your life loses its natural flow, it loses vividness. Celebrities don’t have a natural way of life.

Marylin Monroe took her own life. So did Kur Cobain. Many other celebrities did the same. The rate of suicide is probably the highest among the stars.

Many celebrities live a pathetic life. We can name Michael Jackson, Witney Huston and many others suffered every moment in their lives. Many others are suffering these days. We don’t realize that.

Hollywood stars can’t do things that they want to do. They act in movies. They also act in their life. They can’t express their natural emotions.

My wife goes out with the cloth that she feels cozy. She wears shoes that are comfortable to walk.
A star has to be always worried about her clothes. If any “wardrobe malfunction.” occurs, she will come in the media spotlight.

Celebrities cannot celebrate their lives. Celebrities try to escape from their life by taking drugs. No other profession creates so many drug addicts as actors and singers.

Rivers flow downhill due to gravity. Trees grow best when they get sufficient light and soil. Animals fit in the forest. Lives thrive naturally.

You can grow plants without soil, even using artificial light. Those fruits don’t have the same taste.

You can look beautiful using cosmetics and plastic surgeries. You can make you look younger in an artificial way. But you cannot stop the process of getting old. You are looking younger by punishing yourself.

If you need a robust body, then you have a workout or run. If you build your muscles by injection, that will not sustain.

I can choose my lifestyle, but a star can not. I am not worried about my look, but a celebrity is.
I am happy that I don’t have a career in show business