Salman Khan is not the most eligible bachelor but a “confirmed bachelor

From Aishwarya Roy to Iulia Vantur, Salman Khan’s name was linked to many heroines. In the past, there were many gossips about his romances. Now not many people are speculating about his marriage

At present, he does not have an affair with anyone. His relationship status is not complicated. He is single. People believe that he is sleeping with gorgeous women and enjoying life

He has turned from the most eligible bachelor to a “confirmed bachelor”

People used to ask about his marriage plans every week, if not every day. He never answered the question straight forward. Sometimes, he joked that he could not afford to marry. Sometimes, he says that he does not have time or too busy to marry. Sometimes, he even says that he is married.

Many people thought that he was not marrying because of some ongoing criminal cases. In the last two decades or more, Salman has been charged with one after another case. He has never really been a free man. Lawyers could have warned him with possible jail sentences. Maybe he has been afraid that he might face a similar fate as Sanjay Dutt. In this situation marriage is not a good idea.

Another thing crossed my mind if Salman had any physical problem. His brother said that Salman can not sleep without women. We hear that he lived together with women, But we have never seen any real evidence that he has been sexually active. No woman has become pregnant with him.

It could also be that he is a womanizer. If he is a player, he cannot be happy with one woman.

There are some middle-aged people who prefer to have a series of relationships and girlfriends without ever committing to any of them. They are called the aging playboy. Maybe Salman Khan is one of them

It is difficult to say which group of men, Salman Khan belongs to. But it seems to me that he will never marry.

He is now 53 years. He should have a natural need to have kids. Many people cannot choose the right partner but they still marry and have kids. Their marriages sometimes don’t last.

Salman will most probably live a single rest of his life.