How old is Katrina Kaif?

Katrina Kaif said once in an interview with Indian Times that remember about the fall of Berlin Wall. 

The reporter asked her, “ How old were you then?”

“I was 8 years old when the Berlin wall fell” she answered. 

The Berlin wall was torn down in 1989 which means she was born in 1981. Then she started saying that she was born in 1984. She stated in many places, that she was born in 1983 

If you believe in Wikipedia, Katrina Kaif is 35 years old. But Katrina has created so many confusions about her age, we can hardly believe that she is 35 years.

Deepika Padukone happened to be her worst competitor or enemy. There were fighting not only for the number one spot but also for the same man Ranbir.

Deepika was born January 5, 1986, in Copenhagen, Denmark. There is doubt about her date of birth. In Denmark, every newborn child is registered. There is no doubt about Deepika’s age.

I cannot blame Deepika because she wanted to see Katrina’s passport. Katrina strongly claimed that she was older than Ranbir. But evidence suggests otherwise.

I don’t believe that she cannot remember her own age. She was born in Hong Kong. She went to school. Her birthday was certainly registered during her admission. She needed a passport at a very early age. But still, she is trying to hide her real age.

She said she had lived in different countries both in Asia and Europe. She apparently remembers about countries she lived in. She could not have remembered things from 1986 if she was only 2 years old at that time.

Katrina looks young. But it does not make her younger. Priyanka is 36 years. Katrina can also be 37 years.

She is not definitely saying the truth about her age. She has been advised to hide her real age. If she is 37 years, her demand will fall.

Until now, she has not produced any school certificate, national ID card or any document that states her real age. Of course, she has given real information to the Indian tax authority. But we don’t know what information she has given.

She is giving misleading information to her fans. Because fans don’t admire an aged actress,

She has undergone several plastic surgeries. 

Katrina Kaif, the popular Bollywood actress trying to hide the age with plastic surgery and botox injections? In a recent photo of the actress that went viral, her cheeks, lips, and nose looked swollen and bloated. So, many thought she went under the knife to maintain the looks for her next film, Thugs of Hindosthan and other films. While they started surgery, they found it is too complicated to finish the surgery and told her a second route. They gave her high dosages of antibiotics and injections to kill off the infection and remove the tooth once the infection has subsided ( Vastavam web)

It looks more likely that Katrina is 37 years old