Banning Bollywood movies will hit Pakistan like a boomerang

This ban will hurt Bollywood only a little but kills Pakistani film industry entirely

After banning Bollywood movies in Pakistan, the question remains whether the Pakistani film industry can survive. The banning of Indian movies and even Indian contents on TV can give backlash to Pakistan.

In fact, Indian movies had been banned in Pakistan until the ban was lifted in 2006. The official ban could never prevent Pakistanis from watching Indian movies. Bollywood movies were available in video cassettes in the black market. 

There are 120 movie theatres in Pakistan. They need at least 26 movies to show to be in business. The Pakistani film industry produces not more than 12 movies a year. Those are not popular at all.

If theatres are closed, then the entire film industry will collapse. Losing the Pakistani market is not good for Bollywood producers. But Bollywood has a huge market in the world. It is a Pakistani movie industry that will die.

The entertainment industry of Pakistan is underdeveloped. The main source of their entertainment has been Indian movies and music.

People in Pakistan used to enjoy Bollywood music everywhere from tea stalls to shopping malls. Everybody watched Bollywood movies home.

Now Pakistani people have lost their enjoyment. Several surveys show young Pakistani people are unhappy with this situation.